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Key arrows = move the ship.

Space = Shoot.

Left Ctrl = Make a super blast.

My first game, it was a remake of one of my first games I made on GM in 2010.

Right now, is not finished but I lost the original files so I can't edit it, that's why there are some stuff there I shouldn't have kept, like the FF5 song, sorry about that.

The goal of the game is to clean the six levels.

Each level can have one of three goals:

KILL THE BOSS = destroy the asteroid that moves horizontally, so you can unlock a secret star, which you'll use to kill the green alien.

KILL THE HITPOINTS = destroy the hit points by destroing the enemies and making their explosion kill the hitpoint.

MAKE A MAX COMBO = kill enemies, fill the bar and then use the central button to make a blast and kill 10 enemies.